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 Schnitzel's app for gm/coder

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PostSubject: Schnitzel's app for gm/coder   Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:20 am

First of all, HELLLOO! afro

(what you want to be (GM or CODER))
GM OR CODER ( i have a litlle exp @ coding Very Happy) i think i can figure it out) albino
How long have you been playing this server?

A couple of days know i like it very much because of the nice gms and
the great communtiy!

How many servers have you played?

Like ummm, i think 5 or something

Have you been a GM or CODER before and how many time have you been it?

Yes i had my own server ( together with a friend) but it crashes lol!
ive been gm for like 2 weeks i think.

What kind of exprience do you have?

i know the commands very well and i played private servers for quite a while. I've played Global MS 2 im lvl 73 at it pig

If i make you coder or GM what would you do as it?

i would make the server fun for other ppl and ban hackers and cheaters etc.
i would organise quite alot events. Help ppl on any question and if i dont know the answer i will search it till i have it.

Will you break any rules that i give you?
I dont think so study
Will you be active?

If i got a fun private server wich i like ( for example this one) i will be very active to help ppl with al kind of stuffs Wink
If i caught you breaking the rule what should i do about you?
kick me from the server or Ip or sumthing idk what you find fun Razz
always remember its just a game afro
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Schnitzel's app for gm/coder
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