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 Gregs GM APP

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PostSubject: Gregs GM APP   Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:56 am

NAME:Greg Scarpa
IGN:character-Greg login-codkillarune
(what you want to be (GM or CODER)) Game master

How long have you been playing this server? I started a couple days ago. I really like this severs rates.

How many servers have you played? I played on Unholy Ms
v.55, Silent Ms(I rebirth 14 times), and at least 10 more.

Have you been a GM or CODER before and how many time have you been it? Skill Ms(v55) Silent Story(v.62)

What kind of experience do you have? I have held events in silent story, helped novice players level up, I almost created a private server so I know how to run one. I also help the community grow by advertising on youtube.

If i make you coder or GM what would you do as it? I will help keep this private server clear of hackers, help the SkyDemonsMs community grow through youtube, tell friends to play this private server.

Will you break any rules that i give you? I promise that I will not break any rules

Will you be active? I will be active. I stared a couple days ago and im close to rebirth. (character: Greg)

If i caught you breaking the rule what should i do about you? This wouldn't happen, but if it did you should take all my GM powers away and ban me from this private server
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Gregs GM APP
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