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 Death1223's GM App

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PostSubject: Death1223's GM App   Tue Jul 14, 2009 8:33 pm

NAME: Corey
IGN: Grim
USERNAME: Death1223
AGE: 13
I want to be a GM

Q. How long have you been playing this server?
A. Like a week, but I love it.

Q. How many servers have you played?
A. I lost count after 100

Q. Have you been a GM or CODER before and how many time have you been it?
A. Ive been a GM on my Own server and Ive coded hacks for a game, But Ive never hacked maplestory!

Q. What kind of experience do you have?
A. Well I have Experience, In C# and Java, But I dont want to code anymore, I want to Be a SGM one day, I have owned my own server.

Q. If i make you coder or GM what would you do as it?
A. I would follow suspicious hackers, report them to you, so you can ban them, and I would help the ones that need it.

Q. Will you break any rules that i give you?
A. No, I would never Break any rule.

Q. Will you be active?
A. Yes, Very Active.

Q. If i caught you breaking the rule what should i do about you?
A. Relieve me of my GM status.

Please pick me, Thank you.
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Death1223's GM App
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